[OpenID board] [OpenID] PayPal joins OpenID Foundation Board as we enter 2009

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Wed Jan 28 21:38:41 UTC 2009

Hans Granqvist wrote:
> Interesting indeed. Looking forward to seeing what PayPal brings!
> How does a corporation get to be a foundation member? Just by
> paying, or is there another voting process?

The bylaws ought to be updated soon to give the full details about this, 
but here's the most pertinent information:

* Getting a single board seat is one of the benefits of the sustaining 
member membership class.

* There is a distinction made between "community" board members (who are 
voted in by the community) and "corporate" board members (who are 
appointed by corporations with sustaining memberships.)

* There is a rule in place that the community board members must always 
have a majority on the board, allowing a completely-aligned community 
board to veto corporate board member proposals.

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