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David Recordon david at sixapart.com
Tue Jan 27 03:29:08 UTC 2009

+1 to open sourcing it which makes it easier for others to hack on and  
add features / fix things.


On Jan 26, 2009, at 6:00 PM, Chris Messina wrote:

> I'm generally of the mind that we leave it is as for now and not  
> waste more time debating this. I don't think it's worth $2000 of the  
> foundation's money to work on this and I think we have more  
> important things to deal with.
> I think if we started with open sourcing the OIDF voting tool, that  
> would at least provide a means to inspect the current sign in system  
> so that any enterprising member with time or money on their hands  
> could contribute a fix, but for the meantime, I think the majority  
> of the membership is served.
> I also don't think that a membership vote is what's needed here;  
> instead we need leadership and the ability to decide what are  
> absolute priorities that will lead to the widest benefits.
> While there's cause to provide support to members having trouble  
> signing in to the site, I don't think we need to make major  
> modifications to our current approach if it is generally accessible  
> and workable for 90%+ of the membership.
> Perhaps Janrain could provide us with stats on current failure rates  
> with RPX so that we could better evaluate the wisdom of making  
> additional investment in alternative logn solutions?
> Chris
> On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 3:59 PM, Eddy Nigg (StartCom Ltd.) <eddy_nigg at startcom.org 
> > wrote:
> On 01/27/2009 01:30 AM, Brian Kissel:
>> Seems there are a couple of questions to answer with login at  
>> OpenID.net:
>> 1.       What will work the best consistently for all our existing  
>> and new potential members (intuitive, reliable, inclusive, cost  
>> effective, etc.).  Seems everyone is in favor anything that  
>> achieves these objectives.
>> 2.       How important is it that login is neutral (not favoring  
>> any OP, not provided by any vendor).  There has been discussion on  
>> both sides of this topic, not only for login but for the OpenID  
>> wiki (currently at pbwiki), OpenID.net on Wordpress, hosting  
>> documents at Google docs, etc.
>> 3.       How much are we willing to spend to fix it and keep it  
>> operating properly.  The current estimate that is on the table from  
>> Refresh Media is that it will take $1500 to $2000 to fix the  
>> original generic type in box UX to accommodate i-names and directed  
>> identity.
>> Given that there appears to be a diversity of opinion, would it be  
>> worthwhile to use our polling tool to allow the membership to weigh  
>> in?  If not, we can just give the green light to Refresh Media to  
>> get started.
> If this is the only way, than I'd would vote for it. Considering  
> that there will be an added benefit for others...but also here the  
> cons and pros have gone around already.
> Regards
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