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Johannes Ernst jernst at netmesh.us
Tue Jan 20 20:15:42 UTC 2009

On Jan 20, 2009, at 10:25, Brian Kissel wrote:
> Johannes, do you want to take a stab at 5 key goals for 2009 -  
> agreed, overall goals, not just marcom.  Would be great if we could  
> focus on them.  Scott, Chris, David, and I were on a call yesterday  
> with RWW and if we had those 5 key points, we could have hammered  
> them home.  We need to make sure that they are aggressive yet  
> achievable, as I'm sure we'll be measured by our progress relative  
> to them come 2010 ;-)

Well, if it was up to me the list would be something like this:

1. OIDF is organizationally and financially sound for the long term  
and for the benefit of the entire global community.
Evidence: permanent staff, further increasing corporate support, well- 
planned/coordinated activities are taking place world-wide.

2. The OpenID brand is clearly defined, known and considered valuable  
by the general public (not just techies), and backed by an effective  
trademark regime.
Evidence: corresponding results of a brand survey

3. The user experience issue has been solved in theory and practice.
Evidence: User experience is virtually identical at all sites  
supporting OpenID; no major gripes by actual/would-be adopters.

4. OpenID is broadly used.
Evidence: Transaction volume is commensurate with the deployed  

5. OpenID-related innovation is driven by the needs of the  
marketplace, not just technical coolness
Evidence: Substantial, active involvement in a broad range of working  
groups by mainstream businesses

Obviously, if one breaks those down, there are many activities that  
need to happen on the way to be able to reach those objectives. I  
don't want to downplay them -- many of them are not easy -- but it may  
help to first figure out what the objectives are and then to discuss  
how to get there, instead of the other way around.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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