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This is 10 days old, but thought it'd be useful to have notes of
progress in the public archive.

This was originally sent to board-private, so the "you" refers to the
current BOD.


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Subject: [board-private] OIDF BOD update
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Hello All,

By now you should have gotten email notification for two items requiring action:

1.       An email from invitations at agreeadate.com with a subject line:
"Invitation from Brian Kissel : Selecting OIDF BOD call day/time."
This is to allow us to pick the best day and time for our executive
committee (ED) and board calls.  If you don't see this email in your
inbox, please check your spam folder.

2.       An email alerting you to a test poll on the OIDF polling
tool.  We've implemented a "board only" polling feature for
administrative decision making between regular board calls.  If you
didn't get an alert about the test poll, please let me know and copy
Darin Richardson of Refresh Media (darin at refreshmedia.com).

Other updates and requests:

·         Raj Mata is getting a handoff of all the financial
information, accounts, etc. from Scott, Dick, and Bill.  He will be
giving us an initial update at the next BOD call.

·         The interim ED hiring committee is continuing discussions
with the 3 finalist candidates.  So far only David has provided
observations or questions for the candidates.  If anyone else has
questions or concerns, please get them to Raj Mata who is scheduling
conversations with each candidate for next week.  Once we have the
polling tool verified we'll be proposing a motion to give the hiring
committee authority to select the preferred candidate and negotiate a
contract with him.

·         David is working on a post for the OIDF website announcing
the EC elections along with some other OpenID developments.  If you
know of any noteworthy developments that David should include, please
let him know.

·         Raj and I are developing a draft marcom plan for 2009.  If
anyone else would like to work on this, please let us know.

·         The Committees section of the OIDF wiki needs to be updated
(http://wiki.openid.net/Committees).  I'd like to ask the Chairman of
each committee to review and update their sections including its
membership composition and description of the committee.

·         Nat and Mike are developing some ideas on how to improve the
effectiveness and efficiency of our Working Group processes.  If you'd
like to be involved in those discussions, please let them know.

·         Any other updates others would like to share?




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