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Thanks for bringing this up, Brian. This is why I started the page.

As I pointed in my previous email, the current details of the
international liaison vote suggest that any member of the OIDF can


If that is not the case, and this is a BOD-vote only, the tool
currently does not make this clear, nor does the call to vote.

It would be great if you could update the /Poll page on the wiki to
reflect actual procedures if my representation is not accurate.



On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 12:51 PM, Brian Kissel <bkissel at janrain.com> wrote:
> Chris, thanks for getting this started, will be great when we have a very
> clear, transparent, and efficient process for polls and voting.
> I do want to get some clarification about your wording below about "all
> OpenID members are able to vote…"  Are you suggesting that all board votes
> are also open to all OpenID members?    When I originally proposed the vote
> for the International Liaison position on the board executive committee,
> that was for a board vote, not a full membership vote.  Our polling tool is
> configured to do both board and entire membership polls.  So I think we need
> to make a distinction between board votes and membership votes in whatever
> documents and guidelines we're creating.
> Cheers,
> Brian
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> ·         Polls
> Polls
> edited by Chris Messina (chris.messina+pbwiki at ...)
> Introduction
> the membership. Per§3.1b membership per §4.8 of the Bylaws, all members in
> good standing have the opportunity to participate in such polls. Bylaws.
> Discussion
> Discussion prior to a vote may occur by voice, on regularly scheduled board
> calls, or by email on mailing lists.
> Notice
> §4.4 stipulates that notice must be given seven (7) days prior to the date
> of meeting where a vote is intended to take place.
> Voting procedures
> Voice
> A voice vote is the default way a vote is tallied, unless the chair of a
> meeting decides to take a poll by written ballot, which may including
> conducting an online poll.
> Online
> Online polls are administered by [???] and overseen by [???]. All current
> OpenID members are able to vote using an online tool provided they have a
> valid OpenID.
> Results of the poll are kept confidential until after the poll has expired.
> Voting eligibility
> Per §3.1b, all members in good standing have the opportunity to participate
> in such polls.
> Duration
> A poll may last for up [???] days.
> Publicizing results
> Once a poll expires, the results shall be communicated by the [???] to the
> [???] in a matter of [???] days. Voting records of each member shall also be
> made available for public inspection.
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