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Good point David.  Scott and Dick (or others who may know), what are the requirements for advanced notification regarding board votes when not being done real time during a board meeting?


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Agreed with DeWitt.  I believe there are also requirements in terms of notice and period of the vote in the bylaws which Dick and Scott looked into a month or two ago.

I also would like to see us come up with some informal guidelines about how much prior discussion should be allowed for before an online vote.  On the phone we have time to discuss a matter and I'd hate to see us use the online tool as a mechanism to ever cut short fruitful discussion --- which I am *not* saying happened in this case --- and force a vote.


On Jan 16, 2009, at 9:25 AM, DeWitt Clinton wrote:

[Moving to the board public list.]

Thanks, Brian.  That worked rather well.  I really appreciate the online ballots.

Each BoD member's voting record will be made public after the ballot closes, correct?  I know our meeting minutes sometimes, but not always, record who voted which way in the case of non-unanimous decisions.  The inconsistency is likely just because we haven't discussed a policy here, not any intentional effort to keep things secret.  Personally I'd rather we just established the policy to always make the BoD voting records public, but I'd be interested to hear arguments for or against.

I also noticed that, for this ballot, the running record is being hidden from the electorate.  For a BoD vote we can probably make the ongoing record visible to the eligible voters; just like it would be if we voted in-person.  We should strive to be consistent between the online and offline processes so there is no question about one being more or less legitimate.


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Hello All,

For some reason the email notification for the polling system is still not working.  Please go to https://openid.net/foundation/members/polls and select the International Liaison to OIDF board Executive Committee poll.




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