[OpenID board] OIDF Officer Election

David Recordon drecordon at sixapart.com
Thu Jan 8 21:51:11 UTC 2009

As level setting, this is really a reply to an email Brian Kissel just  
sent to the board-private mailing list proposing a slate of candidates  
for the officer roles within the Foundation this year though I feel  
that this discussion can (and thus should) occur on the public mailing  
list.  There is a board call in ten minutes where one of the agenda  
items is electing the officers and thus the Executive Committee.  This  
proposal includes creating two new officer roles "Technical Working  
Group Liaison" and "International Liaison" both of which I support  

I would thus propose the following alternative slate to Brian's and  
look forward to discussing this with the entire board shortly.

Chair – Brian Kissel
Vice-Chair – Scott Kveton
Treasurer – Raj Mata
Secretary – Mike Jones, Eric Sachs, or Chris Messina
Technical Working Group Liaison – David Recordon
International Liaison – Snorri Giorgetti

I would also support the idea of creating two International Liaison  
roles, one for Europe and one for Asia which I would propose that  
Snorri and Nat fill.


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