[OpenID board] Officer Elections?

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On Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 8:17 PM, David Recordon <drecordon at sixapart.com>wrote:

> I'm not sure if we need a more formal process, though what you proposed (of
> self nominations) is different than last time when one board member
> nominated another.

+1. I think getting a nomination from a fellow board member is sufficient
endorsement. While a board member might suggest himself for a particular
position, I think it should be in the hands of his fellow directors whether
he indeed is nominated for the position.

It would be nice if we had a slate of nominations or potential nominations
prior to our first board call.

> I need some more time to think about companies as officers of the
> Foundation -- it feels a bit strange -- though allowing it would then effect
> the composition of the executive committee which is currently the four
> officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) in addition to one
> corporate board member (which seems to go against "we are one board in all
> respects other those specifically called out in the bylaws").  If the
> officers were allowed to be companies, then it does not seem like the fifth
> member of the Executive Committee should be limited to a corporate board
> member.

So I'm new to the board, but I don't understand this concept of a
corporation being an officer. What precedents are there for me to review to
better understand this kind of setup?

My initial inclinations are:

1. I want to be dealing with and collaborating with an individual for the
duration of the term set forth in the bylaws; I do not want to be dealing
with a corporation that can substitute representatives as it sees fit.
2. The OIDF is far too immature to move to abstracting its officers to
corporate entities. We need 150% from each BOD and officer; a corporation is
unlikely to be as engaged as an individual with an email address or phone
3. It sets a bad precedent. If we're talking about "user-centric identity",
I'd prefer not to orient ourselves around corporate members.
4. We need to expand beyond the reach of the initial and founding membership
in order to develop diversity and strengthen the OIDF as an institution. No
entity that I'm aware of became stronger because of corporate involvement;
rather the institution developed on the strength of the individual
personalities of directors.

So, I am of course in favor of corporate participation and involvement in
the OIDF, but I defer to and vastly prefer the participation of individuals
(independent of their corporate affiliations) than I do corporate members.

We may strive to have one uniform board, but it is the seven individual
members who were just elected that should be eligible for officer positions.
Corporate members certainly have their seat at the table and are invited as
equals when it comes to participating in the general business of the board,
but when it comes to executive function and obligation, it should be
individuals filling those positions.


> --David
> On Jan 3, 2009, at 10:09 PM, Mike Jones wrote:
>  Per the vote mid-last year that we are one board in all respects other
>> those specifically called out in the bylaws, not two sub-board, yes,
>> corporate members are eligible to be officers.  (I'm writing this partly so
>> that all the board members are aware of this standing decision.)
>> I would imagine that people would self-nominate and make a statement on
>> the call, but I suppose that we could have a more formal process of people
>> want to.
>>                               -- Mike
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>> How will the officer elections work on the call next week?  I remember
>> something like a nomination and a second from last time though it
>> seemed fairly hard to do over the phone.  Just wondering how we see
>> the process working, if corporate members are eligible to be officers,
>> and if there is any part of it we should try to complete before the
>> actual call.
>> Thanks,
>> --David
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