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I'm certainly interested in this process, but can't offer much experience at
this point.
Still, if I can be of service to any particular end, let me know.

And of course we can discuss on the BOD call.


On Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 10:01 AM, Scott Kveton <scott at kveton.com> wrote:

> The OpenID Foundation search committee has been working to hire an
> executive director for some time now.  We have come very close at
> times, even to the point of making an offer, only to have the
> candidate pass on the opportunity.
> As background, the OIDF BOD have agreed for some time that an ED will
> be critical for the organization's success in 2009.  There were many
> discussions on the general@ list about this during the election and I
> believe the consensus remains that this is still a path we want to
> head down.  The hiring criteria was to try and find someone that was
> strong operationally and not necessarily so much of a technologist or
> evangelist.  The thought was that we have plenty of evangelists; we
> needed someone who could execute on programs that make membership
> relevant and also to help drive OpenID adoption in the marketplace.
> In November, the Search Committee agreed that there were several
> things a full-time interim ED could be doing to help move the
> organization forward while we search for a permanent candidate.  We
> did not want to hire an interim or permanent candidate in the final
> weeks of 2008 as we had the new BOD coming on-line in 2009.  Now that
> elections are over, we can take a look at filling this gap.
> The Search Committee agreed that the following short-term (3 months)
> goals for the interim candidate:
> * Drive the process to hire a full time ED
>    - Review and refine the job description as necessary
>    - Manage the process and recruiter (if we hire one)
>    - Screen candidates, reference checks
>    - Recommend a short list to the search committee
> * Recruit 3 more corporate board members
>    - The OIDF BOD voted to add 5 more corporate board seats (for a
> total of 10) in November '08
> * Develop Operating Plan goals for the OIDF for 2009 – should cover
> some key topics
>    - Revenue goals
>    - Membership goals
>    - OpenID adoption goals (RPs and active end users)
>    - International plans (more proactive integrated plan to encompass
> what Nat and Snorri have started)
>    - Technology progress goals (usability, data management, security,
> commerce, mobile, browser integration, etc.)
> *Develop draft budget and Financial Plan (income statement, cash flow,
> balance sheet) for 2009
>    - Consistent with 2009 goals developed above
>    - Detailed assumptions about both revenues and costs
> * Develop a Revenue Plan
>    - Detailed plan of how we're going to meet the income part of our
> financial plan
>    - Will include membership revenue, services revenue, and other
> possible sources of income
> * Develop comprehensive Membership Plan
>    - Consistent with Operating and Financial plans
>    - Should benchmark other comparable foundations/SIGs to determine
> what tiers of membership/sponsorship we should have, what benefits are
> for each tier, how much we charge for each tier, etc.  IMHO, the Linux
> Foundation SIG is a good place to start as there are many similarities
> in goals.  We should agree who we think the best organizations are to
> benchmark
> * Develop high level OpenID Technology Roadmap
>    - Based on CRC findings and the long wish list at
> http://wiki.openid.net/Strategy, pick the top 3 to 5 things that are
> going to have the biggest impact on adoption and usage of OpenID and
> value to the members, and come up with a detailed plan with specific
> goals to share with members and the OpenID community
> * Develop International Plan (ideally with help from our new
> International board members)
>    - Consistent with the Operating Plan goals, develop a detailed
> plan to achieve our international goals
> * Develop Adoption and Usage Plan
>    - Consistent with the Operating Plan goals, develop a detailed
> plan to achieve our international goals
>    - Should be coordinated with Membership plan since membership
> plans should also have adoption/usage related goals
>    - May also include other areas such as business/legal framework,
> Marcom plan, etc.
> * Marcom plan
>    - In support of membership and adoption and usage goals, develop a
> comprehensive marcom plan
> Brian Kissel has agreed to take on the task finding an interim ED
> candidate for the OIDF while the Search Committee reconstitutes itself
> as part of the new BOD.  The current members are:
> Search/Hiring
> * Raj Mata representing Yahoo!
> * David Recordon
> * Scott Kveton (chair)
> * Johannes Ernst
> * Brian Kissel
> If you are interested in participating in this committee or have some
> specific input on this process, by all means please let us know.
> We should have an update on the hiring of an interim ED by the board
> call next week.  I'll go ahead and add that to the agenda for our
> first call.
> - Scott
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