[OpenID board] OIDF board meeting 1/8/2009 2pm PST ...

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Fri Jan 2 00:16:55 UTC 2009

Scott Kveton wrote:
>> The call is open to all of the board members and since the call-in
>> information is out there now, technically anyone could dial in.  In
>> the past we've had the calls "closed" and although it isn't my
>> decision to make, it seems like a good idea to make them "open" to the
>> membership at large.  In the end, only the BOD will be able to cast
>> votes, etc.
>> I think this to be a good idea. Sometimes a member wants to join and present
>> a certain point of view to the board about a specific issue. I wouldn't
>> expect now hundreds of dial-ins, but it's good that it's possible to join
>> and transparent.
> IMHO - the board calls are *not* the place for members to join and
> present a certain point-of-view.  In this case, we'd never get
> anything done.  The proper venue for general member discussions on
> organizational or board issues would be this list.
> The board calls are a place for the BOD to vote on issues, report on
> progress of committees and generally make sure the OIDF is on track to
> deliver on its promised vision/mission.
> When I mentioned that I thought it would be good to have the calls
> open to the general membership it was in the interest of transparency.
> All that said, this is just IMHO.

Agreed. Members who want to present a viewpoint to the board should post 
it to the mailing list. In some cases, the board could invite that 
member to speak at the board meeting, but the issue would presumably 
need to actually be on the agenda, rather than members simply turning up 
on the calls ad-hoc.

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