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FYI, ReadWriteWeb picked up the announcement:


On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 8:30 PM, Johannes Ernst <jernst+openid.net@
netmesh.us> wrote:

> Congratulations! This is very good news.
> Welcome, Don!!
> On Feb 19, 2009, at 18:05, David Recordon wrote:
> From the blog:
> http://openid.net/2009/02/20/introducing-don-thibeau-the-openid-foundations-new-executive-director/
> Introducing Don Thibeau: the OpenID Foundation's new executive director<http://openid.net/2009/02/20/introducing-don-thibeau-the-openid-foundations-new-executive-director/>
> <http://openid.net> OpenID <http://openid.net> 2/20/09 2:58 PM Chris
> Messina Foundation News Comments<http://openid.net/2009/02/20/introducing-don-thibeau-the-openid-foundations-new-executive-director/#comments>
> The OpenID Foundation is happy to introduce Don Thibeau<http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/don/thibeau>
>  as our new executive director. Don is taking over from Bill Washburn who
> helped get the Foundation off the ground.
> Even with the substantial momentum<http://openid.net/2009/01/15/momentum/>
>  that OpenID has gained already in 2009, Don has his work cut out for him
> beyond our two main priorities of improving user experience and security
> along with increasing our outreach to and engagement of website operators
> and end users. To get a sense for his priorities and anticipated plans for
> the Foundation, I asked him some introductory questions:
>    1. *Q: How did you first learn about OpenID and what interests you in
>    the technology?*
>    A: I have been working with web transactions, privacy policy and
>    identity validation for a while now. So I've been watching OpenID from the
>    sidelines. I've wanted to take a deeper dive in how social networks overlays
>    those issues. The Foundation is at the intersection of those issues and
>    more. There's no better place to be.
>    2. *Q: What challenges do you think OpenID faces that it must confront
>    in 2009?*
>    A: First and always, continue to balance the interests and be
>    responsive to all stakeholders, community members, and corporate sponsors,
>    etc.
>    Second, to deal effectively with success. That means to make sure the
>    Foundation can responsibly sustain and accelerate the momentum now underway.
>    3. *Q: What technologies or services suggest where you think the web
>    will go over the next several years?*
>    A: I know we at the beginning of the era of social networking. But I'm
>    not smart enough to know where the web will go. That's one of the things I
>    like about this space.
>    I do know the OpenID can be a "Front Door" for the web experience for
>    people, for users, for members across the board.
>    4. *Q: What experience do you have that you intend to bring to the
>    OIDF?*
>    A: I have a career-long interest in identity authentication and a
>    personal passion for protecting individual privacy. It is a painful irony
>    that is seems our physical identity is more protected than our digital
>    identities.
>    I come from the content creation and online transactions world. I have
>    the benefit of learning from naive and failed attempts at walled gardens —
>    proprietary plays and the like. So collaboration is more than a mantra: it's
>    the only way this work gets done on a corporate, community and personal
>    level.
>    5. *Q: As ED, what will be your top three priorities?*
>    A: My short-term priorities are to build a foundation for growth. It's
>    not sexy but "plumbing" is important. So my immediate focus will be on
>    making sure the Foundations' finances and governance issues are solid. The
>    third priority is to begin planning for a major OIDF event later in the
>    year.
>    6. *Q: What are you most looking forward to with regards to OpenID in
>    2009?*
>    A: I am blown away by with the level of engagement from all
>    stakeholders. The make-up of the new board reflects how articulate, diverse
>    and committed the community is. A physics professor of mine pointed out the
>    high correlation between passion and success. The OIDF seems to have both in
>    abundance.
> If you'd like to reach out to Don and welcome him, you can contact him via
> email at don at oidf.org or leave a comment right here.
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