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I think this is a significant enough news to be on the top page of OpenID.net.


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I've sent this message to Snorri few weeks ago, but since I have not
heard from him, I decided to repost it here:

My name is Arthur, althou I'm not an active OpenID EU member I
believe in OpenID convenience and promote and convince people to use
I though you might be interested in news I have for you.

Last year I did a presentation about OpenID for Lithuanian parliament,
which led to two workgroups within Lithuanian ministry of Inferior
(http://www.vrm.lt/index.php?id=124&lang=2) and Information Society
Development Committee under the Government of Lithuania
(http://www.ivpk.lt/main_en.php?cat=0). The result of these workgroups
was a decission to implement support and merge OpenID into new
Lithuanian Personal Identity Card

8 months ago I prepared OpenID specification for Ministry of Inferior
and today I can proudly present a new Lithuanian state Personal ID
card (http://www.dokumentai.lt/atk.php) with digital certificate
(x.509) and full OpenID 2.0 and PAPE extension support.

That said, starting January 1st 2009 every issued Personal ID card has
OpenID in it, backed up by personal digital certificate. National
Sertificate Center under the Ministry of Inferior will be the national
OpenID provider (https://openid.vrm.lt/). Provider service is currently
in testing mode, it is not yet open to the general public, but it will
go public anytime soon.

Information on sites I mentioned here might be in Lithuanian language
only, so should you have any questions - please do not hestitate to
ask me.

best wishes from Lithuania :)
Arthur Orsevski
SecuDO.lt CEO
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eu at openid.net

Nat Sakimura (=nat)

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