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As my repeated requests for discussions like this to occur on the public mailing list seem to have largely fallen on deaf ears, I'm just moving this to the public list and removed the one  sentence  which covered something private. 

Brian, this sounds really good though I think we'll have to really prioritize since 9:30 to noon will not be much time face to face.  I think focusing on what we must accomplish this year (starting with the next 3 to 6 months) will be the most valuable. 

Also, given the bylaws this cannot be an official board  meeting  as they require at least seven days of notice ( http://wiki.openid.net/Bylaws#Section44NoticeofMeetings). 


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Thanks Luke, if you could book a room for us from 9:30 to noon that would be great.  My guess is we’ll have 8 to 10 board members who should be able to attend.  I think the following have expressed interest so far: Scott, David, Luke, Joseph, Andrew, Raj, DeWitt, Eric, Chris, and Brian.  Pretty sure that Tony, Mike, Nat, and Snorri can’t make it.  Don’t know about Gary. 


Luke, do you think you could get us a room with a Polycom so we could allow anyone who can’t make it in person to call in? 


I’m open to topics that people would like to discuss.  One valuable area might be the thread that Johannes and Nat have been moving forward w.r.t. key goals for 2009.  Last fall Johannes pulled together a comprehensive list of possible areas we should consider addressing that included input from Snorri’s and Nat’s work as well as input from various board members.   We’ve recently emphasized a focus on UX and Security, let’s try to set some specific goals and measures for success for these two areas.  


Another theme that we’ve heard from lots of prospective RPs is better and more consistent user profile data from the major OPs (SREG, AX, OAuth).  Is there a role for the OIDF to help in this area, or is this something the individual OPs need to address for themselves?  If there is a role for the OIDF, what is it and how do we measure our success?  


We also have a “chicken and egg” problem where a number of content providers (media, entertainment, affinity groups) say none of my peers or competitors have deployed OpenID yet, I’ll just wait until someone else goes first.  So what can the OIDF and member companies do to get some early adopters deployed in each major category to “prime the pump?”  Can we get some early adopters in several categories: newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, sports, games, personal productivity tools, college and corporate alumni networks, photo sharing, etc.?  If so, what are the specific programs that the OIDF can undertake to facilitate this?  


Then there’s the general challenge with mainstream awareness about OpenID and its benefits.  When and how do we cost effectively inform and educate RPs and end users of the benefits?  Seems premature to invest too much here until we’ve addressed some of the issues of UX and getting more early adopter RPs live, but should we have a goal to start doing more proactive outreach in the second half of 2009 assuming we can address the precursor issues in the first half? 


We’ve started to make some progress in commerce applications with Nat’s success in Japan and the discussions about TX/CX, but there’s a lot more market research we need to do to fully understand if, when, and how OpenID and other related open standards could/should play a role in online commerce.  Can we set some goals for market research into retail applications for 2009?  I’ve been working with Andrew, Eric, Raj, and Nat on trying to set up a Retail Advisory Committee similar to our Content Provider Advisory Committee to start doing some more systematic research on the needs of retailers with respect to trust, non-repudiation, PCI compliance, etc.  Should we set some specific goals and measures of success around understanding retailers’ needs in 2009? 


I think we all know that there’s a long list of things we could do, but if we can come to a consensus on what the top 4 to 5 priorities are for the OIDF 2009, then we can put together programs and measures of success for those key objectives. 


Looking forward to a good discussion. 



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