[OpenID board] Welcome Luke Shepard and Joseph Smarr to the OIDF board!

Brian Kissel bkissel at janrain.com
Fri Feb 6 18:46:15 UTC 2009

Hello Luke and Joseph,

Welcome to the board of the OpenID Foundation.  We look forward to your perspectives and contributions.  There is an email list, board-private at openid.net<mailto:board-private at openid.net>, that you can use to communicate to all the other board members.  In general we try to use board at openid.net<mailto:board at openid.net> which is public unless the conversations are sensitive in nature.

As a board member we're glad that you will take a proactive role in helping us shape the vision, strategic direction, and operating plans for the foundation.  If you're not already signed up for the various standing committees<http://wiki.openid.net/Committees> and working groups<http://wiki.openid.net/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=working-groups>, please find the ones where you'd most like to help and jump in.

Our next full board call is Weds Feb 18th at 4pm Pacific US, call in info will be provided soon.  They occur every 6 weeks on Wednesday at 4pm Pacific US.

By the way, still wondering if any board members have a webinar service (livemeeting, webex, gotomeeting, adobe connect, etc.) that can accommodate our now 15 strong membership?  The benefit of a webinar vs. just a conference call is that we can share documents and live demos in real time, which can sometimes be helpful.  If any of the board members can contribute that service for our board calls every 6 weeks, please let me know.

If all the other board members could provide Luke and Joseph with your contact information, that would be great.  Mine is below.




Brian Kissel<http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/10/254>

CEO, JanRain

5331 SW Macadam Ave., Suite 375, Portland, OR 97239

Email: bkissel at janrain.com<mailto:bkissel at janrain.com>     Cell: 503.866.4424     Fax: 503.296.5502

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