[OpenID board] Is there a standard boilerplate presentation for OIDF 2009?

Nat Sakimura sakimura at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 07:17:06 UTC 2009

We definitely need to set up the roadmap ASAP.

http://wiki.factoryjoe.com/OpenIDGoals is a good starting point.

http://wiki.openid2009.org/Main_Page is another.

IMHO, it helps from starting out from a long term Vision, then going into
Strategy, tactics, actionable items.

At this time, even the Vision is a bit blurred, I guess.

My Version albeit very rough is like:

** Vision **

OpenID is going to be a social infrastructure that acts as the
foundation of the net society.

i.e., people are using it for day to day life, probably even without
knowing it.

** Strategy **

* Keep the flag of User Centric Identity Ideal High.
* Bolster the security of OpenID so that people feels "safe" with OpenID.
* Bolster the UX so that people feels "easy to use"
* Get the involvement from across the board, including Financial, Web Commerce,
  Transportation, Social Sites, Internet Providers, Telcos, and Government.
* Get the OpenID "gene" into the government programs and enterprise
* Improve the awareness of the public.

** Tactics **

* Identify the security issues around OpenID and fix them. Also,
educate people on
  how to deploy OpenID (Seminars, Webinars, Web Contents, etc.) If necessary,
  create a secure profile or extensions.
* Ditto for UX. (I have to note that the desirable UX may differ from
a country to another.)
* Identify the key contacts in each industry and get them involved in
OpenID initiatives.
 * Keep inputing the government committees of the merits of OpenID.
 * Keep them pouring their requirements etc. towards OpenID community.
 ==> This involves setting up an appropriate chapters as well,
including OpenID U.S.
* Awareness: Run the marketing campagn including OIDF hosted seminars and
  as guest speakers. Also, gather the statistics on the awareness at
the National Level.
* OIDF cannot do many of the above by itself.So, delegate and assist
the local chapters
  to do those tasks. This includes setting up appropriate local chapters.

** Action **

Well... this is going to be a large list. Much of Chris and Snorri's
list fits in here, I think.
Some of the things that I would like to note from what we have been
doing in Japan are:

* Develop an annual plan for the seminars  for
   1. Media,
   2. Business People -- forum for exchanging case studies, etc.
   3. Tech people
* Develop an annual publicity plan.
 * Including co-marketing with other ID related organizations such as
Liberty and ICF.
* Actively search for the key contacts and get them involved.
* As part of it, conduct briefings with major companies to educate
them on the opportunity
  the OpenID provides them using the personal connections identified
in "tactics".
* Group the members to tackle specific problems in their industry.
* Monitor the tender and request for comments of the government and
submit public comments to the government.
 * Also, use the personal connections to have briefing with them to
educate about the market needs and movement.

In a sense, Japan was lucky that I could leverage on my contacts
towards the government and enterprises.
On the government side, the Office of Cabinet, Ministry of Economy,
Trade, and Industry as well as
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication is involved in it. In
the U.S. parallel, it would be
Office of the President, DOS, and DOI. I am trying to involve Ministry
of Health as well, right now.
For the enterprise side, I have used my connection to get banks,
insurance, credit cards, web merchant involved.
The co-founder of OpenID Japan, Seki-san, was instrumental in getting
social sites like Mixi, and internet providers
and portals involved. Community leaders like =zigorou assembled
"geeks". These all worked well.
So, we need to identify such a person in each countries, including the
U.S. and get them set up
"National" chapters. (Actually, that is needed for TM policing as well.)

We also need to:
* Have the security committee working and create the recommendation so that
  it can be used to create errata, extension, or next version of
OpenID various specs
This, IMHO, is vital.

OK. I stop here for now. I have to prepare for the presentation this afternoon.



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> On Feb 5, 2009, at 12:08, Chris Messina wrote:
>> How have previous boards set their overall annual agendas?
> They have not. Arguably that was one of our failures. I'd love to see the
> new board commit new mistakes instead of old ones ;-)
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