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Don Thibeau (OIDF ED) don at oidf.org
Wed Dec 30 15:35:49 UTC 2009


On behalf of the membership and the Board of Directors of the OpenID
Foundation, I would like to welcome several new and returning directors to
the 2010 Board; they include Brian Kissel, Marc Frons, Allen Tom, Joseph
Smarr, Daniel Jacobson, and John Bradley.  We also welcome Dermot O'Mahony
as representative of a new sustaining corporate member, LexisNexis.  As per
our bylaws this occasions Dick Hardt's return to board service. While not
yet official it is likely other companies may soon join as sustaining
members.  This would result in Robert Harles, Jonathan Coffman and Bjorn
Woltermann joining the board in turn as those positions become available.  


I want to salute all those who put themselves forward for board service.
Leadership is key to the success of any organization but especially critical
in an "all volunteer army" and industry standards group like the OpenID
Foundation. All board members have demanding and dynamic "day jobs. We have
no golf outings, no award ceremonies, only the satisfaction of seeing a job
through and done well. The determination, patience and investment of the
2009 board made it possible for new technical progress and international
success in 2010. With the widespread and growing adoption of OpenID, it's
easy to forget we are a relatively new organization trying to keep up with a
growing global interest in identity on the web.  We begin 2010 with a
diverse and talented set of board members representing a wide spectrum of a
rapidly changing identity industry ecosystem. This board has important work
to do from the start of 2010.


This is to invite the community at large to engage this new board from the
start. We will be publishing a calendar of events, openly discussing our
plans, priorities and budget. Make your views known, serve on work groups
and committees and contribute to the issues and opportunities that fit your
interests and expertise. 


Thanks for your interest in OpenID. Let me know how we can best organize for
success in 2010.

Have a great New Year.



Don Thibeau

don at OIDF.org

Executive Director

The OpenID Foundation

 <http://openid.net> http://openid.net


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