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A FAQ has been posted since the announcement about the election at 






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I think Mike Jones is the keeper of the guidelines on how the process works, but as I understand it the top vote recipients have 2 year terms, and the next group gets one year terms.  So in this election, 3 get 2 year terms and 3 get one year terms.  Others are kept on the list in the event someone resigns or more are needed if we add more corporate members.


Good idea to post a FAQ.  John, is this something you can do?






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Is information on voting readily available? 


I feel like we should set up wiki.openid.net/Elections to help bring a lot of this information together... 


What it our outreach strategy for getting people to vote? Who is eligible to vote?


I think we'll need to work with Darin again to send out an email to the membership to let them know that voting begins tomorrow!


And, what determines who wins? Simple majority? How do we handle ties? Etc. I'm sure there's information about this in the bylaws, but a simple FAQ would be very useful.



On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 9:57 PM, Mike Jones <Michael.Jones at microsoft.com> wrote:

Of the 16 candidates who self-nominated to run for the six open community OpenID Foundation board seats, 14 received the required three seconds from other members.  These candidates are:


Dirk Balfanz

John Bradley

Jonathan Coffman

Marc Frons

Dick Hardt

Robert Harles

Daniel Jacobson

Brian Kissel

Robert Ott

Martin Paljak

Joseph Smarr

Allen Tom

Kick Willemse

Björn Woltermann


Two candidates did not receive the three required seconds, and therefore are ineligible to stand for election:


Brady Brim-DeForest

Hari Chand Gupta


Voting will commence on December 9th and end on December 23rd.


                                                -- Mike (writing as election committee chairman)


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