[OpenID board] Getting the most out of UserVoice.com

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Good observation Chris.

Are there any volunteers in the OpenID Community who are willing to work with Global Inventures & Don Thibeau to help us review UV input and update the OIDF website, respond to inquiries, etc?  If so, please speak up.

I still believe that UV is a great tool to capture community feedback, but also agree with Chris that if we don't have the resources to address the inquiries and recommendations from folks who visit our website, we should find a better way to capture and process that input so that we don't appear to be unresponsive.  This is nothing against UV which I still think is a great offering, its more about our ability to take actions based on input from our site visitors.



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I receive notifications from the OpenID UserVoice microsite on a nearly daily basis (http://ideas.openid.net).
Lately, most of the suggestions and bug reports are null, made up of one or two words, or outright spam.

The legitimate requests and suggestions are few and far between and not on the whole all that useful.

In the beginning, Brian Kissel heavily advocated for using UserVoice to collect user opinions and ideas, and now the management of the site has fallen entirely, it seems, to me.

I'd like to propose that we either figure out how to operational the data from this site or get Inventures to manage it for us and then provide bi-weekly reports to the board about what people are looking for.

Considering that we just executed a survey of the board's priorities and it was proposed that we do the same for the membership, it seems that we're not only ignoring solutions that we already have in place to collect this kind of information, but that we're already failing to use the information that we already have.

Unless we can expand the parties within the foundation who are receiving and able to act on this information, I suggest that we shut down UserVoice in the beginning of the new year and find other ways to pool member and public sentiment that we'll actually use.


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