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Hello All,

At Internet Identity World there were several discussions about priorities for the OpenID Foundation for 2010.  Joseph Smarr led a discussion about "What Relying Parties Want."  David Recordon and Dick Hardt led a discussion about priorities for updates to the OpenID platform (OpenID.NEXT).  Eric Sachs summarized what he had heard various constituencies voice as needs and objectives along with public commitments that individuals and/or organizations had made to improve the benefits, deployment, and usage of OpenID.  All that became input for a survey of the board members to highlight the areas we might want to focus on in 2010.  These survey results along with the precursor information will factor into the strategic, operating, and financial plans that Don Thibeau, our Executive Director, will be developing over the coming month to share with the newly constituted board after the elections occurring in a couple of weeks.

If you think there are other high level priorities that the board and foundation should be focusing on in 2010, please respond to this list or to Don or to any of the board members.  Thanks in advance for your input and feedback.

Weighted Value

Getting Microsoft, Facebook, and PayPal to turn on their commercial OP services. AOL to update to OpenID 2.0


Getting more of the major OPs to also be RPs


Creating a more coherent plan for marketing/messaging


Have a clear and compelling pathway for RPs that want higher security options


Get broader representation on the OIDF board: international, more RPs in general, commerce sites, etc.


Finalizing the UX extension


Progress on mobile deployment of OpenID


Making some meaningful progress on getting OpenID support built into the OS and/or browsers


Another rev of SREG/AX


Some kind of OP capability reporting system so RPs can know what OPs support what functionality, data, security features, etc.


Developing a coherent trademark and usage policy


Get concrete working examples of what can be done with discovery w.r.t. resolution of other identifier types, end-user OP service preferences/status, etc.



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