[OpenID board] We need members to vote ASAP on the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy modification

Brian Kissel bkissel at janrain.com
Thu Dec 3 01:13:21 UTC 2009

Hello All,

The Board of Directors has voted to revise the OpenID Foundation IPR Process document. The revisions are primarily being made to streamline the formation of technical working groups to help advance OpenID specifications and technologies.

A vote of the full membership is required to formally adopt the revised process that the Board has already approved.  Marked and clean versions of the revised process document are viewable here:


We are well short of having sufficient members vote to approve this important revision so really need each of you to vote.

*         Please go to https://openid.net/foundation/members/ and login.

*         Once you've logged in, click on "Polls" in the green nav bar on the right side of the screen

*         Then scroll down to the "General Polls" section and click on "Revised IPR Process Document"

If you have any questions, please contact John Ehrig at jehrig at inventures.com<mailto:jehrig at inventures.com>


Chairman, OpenID Foundation

Brian Kissel<http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/10/254>
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