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Nat Sakimura sakimura at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 14:24:58 UTC 2009

Yes, but the registries needs to be changed and that requires an action on
part of Snorri, I believe.


2009/12/2 Zdravko Stoychev <zdravko at 5group.com>

>  Hi all!
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> Subject: Re: [OpenID board] Status of the OpenID Foundation Europe
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> Hi Nat / OIDF,
> ....and more importantly, who is the owner of the registered trademarks and
> the domains such as openideurope.eu?
> Nat Sakimura wrote:
> Yes, let us do.
>  ... though, we have to get hold of Snorri anyways to finalize the TM
> transfer...
> Nat, as for the trademark, there is TRADEMARK ASSIGNMENT, dated 23th of
> June, 2008 with which Snorri assigned TM to OIDE for 1€. Snorri also agreed
> that he'll execute all papers necessary to secure to OIDE the rights
> assigned.
> Right now I am in process of renewing openid.bg domain and the Register
> requests trademark ownership signed letter. I tried to contact Snorri,
> requesting a such document, with no luck.
> Also who is paying for all those domains anyway? I will do it now, sure,
> but still a question.
> I really hope things shall be sorted out sooner.
> Regards,
> --
>   Zdravko Stoychev
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Nat Sakimura (=nat)
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