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Here are the notes:


I'll make the change the leadership page.


On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 3:53 PM, Johannes Ernst <jernst at netmesh.us> wrote:

> Ah, that explains where the number of open seats for the board election
> comes from. I was wondering there for a while ... thanks for the detailed
> minutes, they very clearly set out what happened and why.
> Could the BOD page be updated accordingly?
> http://openid.net/foundation/leadership/
> On Nov 30, 2009, at 15:32, Mike Jones wrote:
> *November 5, 2009 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes*
> *Present:*
> Don Thibeau, Executive Director
> Mike Jones
> Andrew Nash
> Mike Ozburn
> Nat Sakimura
> Brian Kissel
> Allen Tom
> Joseph Smarr
> Eric Sachs
> David Recordon
> Luke Shepard
> Raj Mata
> Chris Messina
> *Absent:*
> Snorri Giorgetti
> Gary Krall
> Nataraj (Raj) Nagaratnam
> Scott Kveton
> *Visitors:*
> John Ehrig, Global Inventures
> Deepak Kamlani, Global Inventures (CEO)
> [This meeting was held in person at the Computer History Museum immediately
> following the Internet Identity Workshop.]
> *1.       **Election*
> Per last year’s election results at
> http://openid.net/2008/12/27/openid-board-election-results/, Snorri
> Giorgetti, Nat Sakimura, Chris Messina, and David Recordon were elected to
> two year terms as community board members, which end at the end of 2010.
> The terms of the remaining community board members, Brian Kissel, Scott
> Kveton, Allen Tom, and Joseph Smarr will end at the end of this year.  Five
> community board seats will need to be filled during the upcoming election
> because of the addition of Booz Allen Hamilton as a sustaining corporate
> board member.
> Don Thibeau will chair the election committee and Mike Jones will also
> serve on it.  Don will publicize the election by the end of next week.
> *2.       **Organization lifecycle review presentation by Deepak Kamlani,
> Global Inventures CEO*
> Deepak strongly recommends that we evolve the foundation’s business model
> such that we can obtain at least $1,000,000 as a recurring annual revenue
> stream.  Otherwise, he believes we will have insufficient resources to
> conduct many activities that we would ideally want to pursue.  A discussion
> ensued about how to introduce additional membership tiers at different price
> points, and how to provide significant value to members at all membership
> levels.  Having a $1,000,000 budget is practically needed to be able to have
> a significant enough range of offerings to provide differentiated value to
> members at different levels.  Deepak’s experience is that board size should
> be capped at 15.  He understands the huge value we’re currently deriving
> from volunteer work by board members and others, but also cautioned us that
> relying heavily on volunteers to produce the organization’s results is not a
> sustainable strategy.
> Brian and Don took an action item to produce recommendations for how to
> evolve our membership and revenue structures.
> *3.       **Removal of Snorri Giorgetti as a board member*
> Snorri Giorgetti has only participated in one board meeting since his
> election, and has not responded to repeated inquiries from the board about
> his status.  Deepak Kamlani informed us that board members have a fiduciary
> responsibility to the organizations that they serve on the boards of.  The
> board views Snorri’s non-participation as a breach of this responsibility.
> Brian Kissel made the motion “Due to sustained non-participation in the
> activities of the board of the OpenID Foundation, I move that Snorri
> Giorgetti be removed as a director.”  Eric Sachs seconded.  The motion
> carried, with all voting in favor other than David Recordon and Nat
> Sakimura, who abstained.  The board wants to state that this is not intended
> to be a precedent, but rather, a one-time response to the extraordinary
> circumstances of Snorri’s sustained non-participation and
> non-responsiveness.
> This means that there will be six community seats open during the upcoming
> election.
> *4.       **Budget Report*
> We are currently on budget.  We anticipate having similar budgetary
> resources next year to those we have this year.  We presently $112,881 in
> the bank.  Two checks for $50,000 each should also be arriving within days.
> *5.       **Next Steps towards becoming a Trust Framework Provider for the
> US Government*
> A discussion of the cost/benefit of running a certification program for the
> US Government ensued.  Several raised the point that we should also look at
> the opportunity for a certification committee to maximize the opportunity
> for other benefits through the certification program.
> Mike Ozburn made the motion that:
> a)      The board authorize formation of a steering committee to work
> jointly with the Information Card Foundation to explore possibilities for
> becoming a trust framework provider to the US Government,
> b)      with the committee membership consisting of representatives from
> the companies on both boards, which are Booz Allen Hamilton, Google,
> Microsoft, and PayPal, the presidents of both boards, which are Brian Kissel
> and Paul Trevithick, as well as an additional community member from both
> boards,
> c)       that the committee also investigate potential synergistic
> benefits, such as increased interoperability, of being a trust framework
> provider, and
> d)      that the committee report back to both boards with a
> recommendation within 30 days with a proposal for the best means to pursue
> the government certification opportunity.
> The motion was seconded by Mike Jones and unanimously carried.
> [Eric Sachs and Raj Mata left the meeting at this point]
> Brian nominated Nat Sakimura as the additional OIDF member for the
> committee, with the goal of bringing an international perspective to the
> discussions.   Andrew seconded.  The motion unanimously carried.
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