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+1 Mike, your ongoing contributions have been invaluable. 



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Before we move too far away from Thanksgiving; I wanted to acknowledge Mike
Jones for a year of service as secretary to the OpenID Board and community.
Mike keeps us honest and on track as much more than a scribe but the
Foundation's institutional memory and go-to guy for guidance on a wide range
of issues.
Mike's thorough and detailed Board meeting minutes are an unheralded but
essential part of the information sharing and transparency vital to our

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Today's Topics:

   1. November 5, 2009 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes (Mike Jones)


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November 5, 2009 OpenID Board Meeting Minutes

Don Thibeau, Executive Director
Mike Jones
Andrew Nash
Mike Ozburn
Nat Sakimura
Brian Kissel
Allen Tom
Joseph Smarr
Eric Sachs
David Recordon
Luke Shepard
Raj Mata
Chris Messina

Snorri Giorgetti
Gary Krall
Nataraj (Raj) Nagaratnam
Scott Kveton

John Ehrig, Global Inventures
Deepak Kamlani, Global Inventures (CEO)

[This meeting was held in person at the Computer History Museum immediately
following the Internet Identity Workshop.]

1.       Election
Per last year's election results at
http://openid.net/2008/12/27/openid-board-election-results/, Snorri
Giorgetti, Nat Sakimura, Chris Messina, and David Recordon were elected to
two year terms as community board members, which end at the end of 2010.
The terms of the remaining community board members, Brian Kissel, Scott
Kveton, Allen Tom, and Joseph Smarr will end at the end of this year.  Five
community board seats will need to be filled during the upcoming election
because of the addition of Booz Allen Hamilton as a sustaining corporate
board member.

Don Thibeau will chair the election committee and Mike Jones will also serve
on it.  Don will publicize the election by the end of next week.

2.       Organization lifecycle review presentation by Deepak Kamlani,
Global Inventures CEO
Deepak strongly recommends that we evolve the foundation's business model
such that we can obtain at least $1,000,000 as a recurring annual revenue
stream.  Otherwise, he believes we will have insufficient resources to
conduct many activities that we would ideally want to pursue.  A discussion
ensued about how to introduce additional membership tiers at different price
points, and how to provide significant value to members at all membership
levels.  Having a $1,000,000 budget is practically needed to be able to have
a significant enough range of offerings to provide differentiated value to
members at different levels.  Deepak's experience is that board size should
be capped at 15.  He understands the huge value we're currently deriving
from volunteer work by board members and others, but also cautioned us that
relying heavily on volunteers to produce the organization's results is not a
sustainable strategy.

Brian and Don took an action item to produce recommendations for how to
evolve our membership and revenue structures.

3.       Removal of Snorri Giorgetti as a board member
Snorri Giorgetti has only participated in one board meeting since his
election, and has not responded to repeated inquiries from the board about
his status.  Deepak Kamlani informed us that board members have a fiduciary
responsibility to the organizations that they serve on the boards of.  The
board views Snorri's non-participation as a breach of this responsibility.

Brian Kissel made the motion "Due to sustained non-participation in the
activities of the board of the OpenID Foundation, I move that Snorri
Giorgetti be removed as a director."  Eric Sachs seconded.  The motion
carried, with all voting in favor other than David Recordon and Nat
Sakimura, who abstained.  The board wants to state that this is not intended
to be a precedent, but rather, a one-time response to the extraordinary
circumstances of Snorri's sustained non-participation and

This means that there will be six community seats open during the upcoming

4.       Budget Report
We are currently on budget.  We anticipate having similar budgetary
resources next year to those we have this year.  We presently $112,881 in
the bank.  Two checks for $50,000 each should also be arriving within days.

5.       Next Steps towards becoming a Trust Framework Provider for the US
A discussion of the cost/benefit of running a certification program for the
US Government ensued.  Several raised the point that we should also look at
the opportunity for a certification committee to maximize the opportunity
for other benefits through the certification program.

Mike Ozburn made the motion that:
a)      The board authorize formation of a steering committee to work
jointly with the Information Card Foundation to explore possibilities for
becoming a trust framework provider to the US Government,
b)      with the committee membership consisting of representatives from the
companies on both boards, which are Booz Allen Hamilton, Google, Microsoft,
and PayPal, the presidents of both boards, which are Brian Kissel and Paul
Trevithick, as well as an additional community member from both boards,
c)       that the committee also investigate potential synergistic benefits,
such as increased interoperability, of being a trust framework provider, and
d)      that the committee report back to both boards with a recommendation
within 30 days with a proposal for the best means to pursue the government
certification opportunity.

The motion was seconded by Mike Jones and unanimously carried.

[Eric Sachs and Raj Mata left the meeting at this point]

Brian nominated Nat Sakimura as the additional OIDF member for the
committee, with the goal of bringing an international perspective to the
discussions.   Andrew seconded.  The motion unanimously carried.

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