[OpenID board] If You're Seeing BaseCamp Emails

David Recordon recordond at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 20:36:46 UTC 2009

Then that means things are working!  Our Basecamp
(http://openid.basecamphq.com/) currently supports three concurrent
projects and Chris and I have set them up for the updated bylawys,
continuing work on the website (we'll import past project information
from CloudFour's Basecamp), and the OpenID Summit.  Chris and I are
working on filling in to-dos, messages, milestones, and files.  You
might receive an email saying that something has been assigned to you
to work on.

I'll continue adding accounts for everyone, but if you don't get an
account notification email and want an account, let me know.

While Basecamp doesn't currently have a public view, this should be a
good step forward in our own organization and there is not a limit as
to the number of Foundation members or Community members which we can
create accounts for.


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