[OpenID board] Usage of the Public and Private Board Mailing Lists

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 06:59:15 UTC 2009

I favor more openness and use of the public board list.
It would be interesting, David, if you could run the
script that you previously ran to show the relative volume of *all*
the lists run on
openid.net (in a line chart).

I actually think that board-private has been relatively quiet, but I'd love
to have data to back that up.


On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 4:39 PM, David Recordon <david at sixapart.com> wrote:

> While this was a hot topic of discussion around the Board election almost a
> year ago, we as an organization seem to have slipped back into a pattern of
> using the board-private mailing list in many situations where it is
> unnecessary to do so.  I would like to see us discuss our existing
> board-private usage policy (http://wiki.openid.net/board-private) in an
> upcoming Board meeting, evolve it if necessary, and ultimately have the
> current Board ratify an appropriate policy.  Not only is this important to
> myself, but members have also expressed concerns multiple times over a lack
> of transparency within the Foundation.
> The current policy states:
>> The board-private mailing list is a hidden mailing list for conducting
>> certain types of sensitive conversations pertaining to the responsibilities
>> of the OpenID Foundation and its board. The list should be used sparingly
>> and only under certain circumstances.
>> New issues should be submitted to the public board mailing list, and
>> ongoing updates about its pending resolution should be made public. The work
>> to resolve an issue may be best be kept to the board-private list.
>> Dick Hardt provides the following examples of private conversations:
>>        • Executive Director candidates and their status while recruiting
>> and negotiating with them. Often people are employed somewhere else, so
>> public disclosure is inappropriate.
>>        • Recruitment of new corporate board members. Companies will
>> usually want to (or for compliance, may have to) control disclosure of
>> joining the OpenID Foundation. It may be part of a larger strategy that they
>> want to control the disclosure of.
>> These conversations are examples that should be kept to public mailing
>> lists:
>>        • OIDF is looking for a new ED, a new ED has been hired
>>        • OIDF is recruiting additional corp board members, a new corp.
>> board member has joined (but not to be disclosed until they are ok with it)
>> Martin Atkins has said that "there is a standing policy that everything
>> sent to the private list must begin with a justification for it being
>> private. Other board members can and often do reject these justifications
>> and the discussions move to the public list."
> Thanks,
> --David
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