[OpenID board] "OpenID Worldwide" - Can we add a link on the 'OpenID.net' home?

David Recordon drecordon at sixapart.com
Fri Oct 31 17:16:37 UTC 2008

I'd support replacing the "Contact" link with "Around the World" or  
something like that.  I think the contact link is actually a little  
deceiving given that it is contact info for the Foundation whereas  
OpenID.net is designed to be more generally about the project.

Not a pre-req to this, but it would also be nice to further build out  
the chapters page to look a bit nicer, maybe provide an excerpt of the  
latest blog post from each chapter, etc.


On Oct 31, 2008, at 7:44 AM, Snorri wrote:

> Dear Members of the Board,
> As you know, I am convinced that the key to OpenID’s development  
> throughout the world is the amount and quality of support we bring  
> to the Local Communities. Putting Local Chapters and Communities in  
> place is a major part of my current activities for OpenID.
> Since the creation of the “OIDF Local Chapter Policy”—which saw the  
> light of day thanks to Mike Jones—we have been able to put in place  
> eight (8) Local Chapters (among them 2 new ones—they came in this  
> week; OpenID Morocco and OpenID Turkey), to which 6 or 7 others  
> (Balkans, Bulgaria, Greece, Korea, Denmark, Thailand, Malaysia…) may  
> be added in the coming weeks. I may add that I have as a personal  
> objective to reach the bar of the 50 Local Chapters in 2009.
> This being considered, it would seem not normal that the page http://openid.net/foundation/chapters/ 
>  be almost hidden at the bottom of thehttp://openid.net/foundation/  
> page, in other words, practically invisible.
> To pursue our progression, we need more visibility; for example, by  
> placing, directly on the Home (at the top and to the right), an  
> “OpenID Worldwide” link (this term of “worldwide” is more clear than  
> “Local Chapters," a term more reserved to internal designation and  
> legal documents).
> The advantages I see to this are threefold:
> (a) Allowing visitors coming to OpenID.net from the “rest of the  
> world” to go further, and to be able to come in direct contact, and  
> to receive assistance from, the Community in their own country—in  
> their own language,
> (b) Give a motivation to new members of the OpenID Community to  
> start a Local Chapter in their country if none exists there yet,
> (c) Broadcast a true international image to the Foundation and to  
> prove that OpenID is truly a global phenomenon.
> Do you agree to this?  If so, please give me you agreement by mail  
> and I will make the modification on OpenID.net.
> Thank you,
> -Snorri

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