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Subject: [OpenID board] "OpenID Worldwide" - Can we add a link on the
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Dear Members of the Board,

As you know, I am convinced that the key to OpenID’s development throughout the world is the amount and quality of support we bring to the Local Communities. Putting Local Chapters and Communities in place is a major part of my current activities for OpenID.
Since the creation of the “OIDF Local Chapter Policy”—which saw the light of day thanks to Mike Jones—we have been able to put in place eight (8) Local Chapters (among them 2 new ones—they came in this week; OpenID Morocco and OpenID Turkey), to which 6 or 7 others (Balkans, Bulgaria, Greece, Korea, Denmark, Thailand, Malaysia…) may be added in the coming weeks. I may add that I have as a personal objective to reach the bar of the 50 Local Chapters in 2009.

This being considered, it would seem not normal that the page http://openid.net/foundation/chapters/ be almost hidden at the bottom of the http://openid.net/foundation/ page, in other words, practically invisible.

To pursue our progression, we need more visibility; for example, by placing, directly on the Home (at the top and to the right), an “OpenID Worldwide” link (this term of “worldwide” is more clear than “Local Chapters," a term more reserved to internal designation and legal documents).

The advantages I see to this are threefold:

(a) Allowing visitors coming to OpenID.net from the “rest of the world” to go further, and to be able to come in direct contact, and to receive assistance from, the Community in their own country—in their own language,
(b) Give a motivation to new members of the OpenID Community to start a Local Chapter in their country if none exists there yet,
(c) Broadcast a true international image to the Foundation and to prove that OpenID is truly a global phenomenon.

Do you agree to this?  If so, please give me you agreement by mail and I will make the modification on OpenID.net.

Thank you,


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