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All fair questions and ones I agree the board should be able to answer.


I can answer two of them:


*	Vote on ratification of OpenID specifications and recommendations
(haven't received any instructions or guidelines how to check for upcoming
votes besides what I know from the mailing lists. Neither is it clear to me
how voting will be performed.)

There have not been any votes yet. The first one looks like it will be for
the outcome of the PAPE working group after it's public review - the PAPE WG
should have more info on that.


The voting mechanism itself is currently email but it is my understanding
other web-based (and OpenID-based) mechanisms are being explored. We want to
use them for board elections as well.

*	Be eligible for inclusion in OpenID Foundation press releases and
industry events (Not sure how the board intends to inform members about
upcoming press releases and have them included or not - I expect this to be

There haven't been any yet other than one announcing the new board members
earlier this year. I believe notice will be sent to the General list, but it
could make sense to use a Members list for this too. I expect this is one of
the tasks the new ED will tackle.


Hope this helps,






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On 10/26/2008 03:11 AM, Scott Kveton: 

Hi Eddy,

Hi Scott,

I think you share a concern that most of our members share right now.

Not really comforting ;-)

This is the first I have heard of problems logging in but it sounds
like you got those taken care of?

I wish...but not really, no, I can't login. Don't know what to expect once
logged in, but maybe it's worth it...

The OIDF is in the midst of hiring a new Executive Director right now...

Yes, I know that.

Right now, as much as we have the big folks involved,
we're all volunteering our time to make OpenID what it is today.  I'm
not trying to discount your frustration, just trying to clarify.

Well, a few points I mentioned in my original mail don't require any special
effort but clarifications. Can somebody answer those or is it simply not
implemented yet? Also may I suggest to hire some professional in order to
get the few missing parts implemented? Or is there anything one of the
foundation or community members can help with?




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