[OpenID board] URGENT: New Board members motion

Dick Hardt dick.hardt at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 16:48:13 UTC 2008

(this motion was originally posted on the board-private list to  
protect the confidentiality of the potential corporate board members  
-- reposting to public list to provide transparency to community)


There are two corporations that have expressed interest in joining the  
OpenID Foundation for the last six months. The board approved adding 5  
new corporate board seats, to be balanced with community seats so that  
the community seats have a majority.
Brian Kissel has been active on the marketing committee and the  
customer research committee. He organized a gathering of content  
providers in NY that led to the OpoenID UX summit last Monday.
The primary source of funding for the Foundation is corporate board  
seats. In order to fund a new Executive Director and OpenID adoption  
initiatives, we need more funding. The patience of the two  
corporations is running thin as they have been waiting for far to long  
for a decision from the board.

The motion: Add the two corporate board seats and add Brian Kissel as  
the community seat. Brian's seat (like all other community board  
seats) would be up for re-election when we hold an election.

All board members need to vote or abstain for the motion to be  

Votes to date:

+1 Dick Hardt (made motion)
+1 Martin Atkins (seconded motion)
-1 David Recordon

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