[OpenID board] BOD agenda items

Johannes Ernst jernst at netmesh.us
Wed Oct 8 22:37:02 UTC 2008

Excellent idea. Filling in my answers.

>> 1. Give a Customer Research Committee update

We hired Rosemary Remacle as a consultant to help us. (Background: http://mktfocus.net/team.html 
We identified approx. 15 actual or would-be adopters of OpenID to be  
interviewed for approx. 45 min each
We developed a "discussion guide" for the interviews / discussions.
As of today, almost all of the interviews are done.
We also received substantial input from the content provider meeting  
in NYC recently.
Committee plans to discuss preliminary results with Rosemary this  
We are planning to do a "show and tell and discuss next steps" meeting  
of the results some time next week; all board members are invited.
That will mark the end of the initial customer research project that  
was funded by the board at the last BOD meeting.

We still want to make the results available to the foundation  
membership, but don't have a concrete plan yet how to do that.

>> 5. Go through all the chartered committees one by one and get an  
>> update on
>> what has happened since the last BOD meeting, and what is expected  
>> to happen
>> from now to the next BOD meeting
> Couldn't we just do this via email ahead of time?

I for my part would love that -- particular by e-mail in advance of  
BOD meetings.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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