[OpenID board] BOD agenda items

Scott Kveton scott at kveton.com
Wed Oct 8 22:17:13 UTC 2008

Our time is valuable on the calls and I think some of these can be
done via email.

> 1. Give a Customer Research Committee update

Can you do this via email?

> 2. Make a motion to charter the Content Provider Advisory Committee
> 3. Make a motion that the OIDF executive committee create and maintain a
> work plan for the foundation.
> 4. Ask -- again -- where our financials are.

Bill has given several updates on this - we're almost there; the
format they passed it along in was not thorough enough ... he's going
back one more time.  Bill may not make the call though as he has some
prior obligations.

That said, your request is noted here.

> 5. Go through all the chartered committees one by one and get an update on
> what has happened since the last BOD meeting, and what is expected to happen
> from now to the next BOD meeting

Couldn't we just do this via email ahead of time?

We have the following:


This committee's task is to research trademark issues, publish an
OpenID Foundation trademark policy, and institute measures for
conformance with this policy.

    * Raj Mata representing Yahoo! (chair)
    * Shreyas Doshi representing Yahoo!
    * David Recordon
    * Bill Washburn


    * Dick Hardt (chair)
    * Scott Kveton
    * Bill Washburn


    * Bill Washburn (chair)
    * Scott Kveton


The marketing committee's purpose is to ensure that OpenID is marketed
effectively. In the short term, this involves identifying the "key
messages" surrounding OpenID.

    * Dick Hardt (chair)
    * David Recordon (co-chair)
    * Drummond Reed
    * Bill Washburn
    * Shreyas Doshi representing Yahoo!
    * Brian Kissel representing JanRain


The membership committee makes recommendations regarding the handling
of foundation membership.

    * Bill Washburn (chair)
    * David Recordon
    * Gary Krall representing VeriSign
    * DeWitt Clinton representing Google


    * David Recordon (chair)
    * Gabe Wachob
    * Bill Washburn
    * Drummond Reed


    * Mike Jones representing Microsoft (chair)
    * Bill Washburn


    * Raj Mata representing Yahoo!
    * David Recordon
    * Scott Kveton (chair)
    * Johannes Ernst

Customer Research (CRC) (see here)

Chartered August 28, 2008.

    * Johannes Ernst, NetMesh (chair)
    * Brian Kissel, JanRain
    * Scott Kveton, Vidoop
    * Raj Mata, Yahoo!

Will the Chairs of those committees please provide bullet points on status?

Thanks everyone,

- Scott

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