[OpenID board] Using Membership System to approve Working Groups

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Nov 27 05:39:06 UTC 2008

Yes, we should be able to do this at this point.  Unless issues are identified through the currently-running "two favorite colors" poll, which ends Friday, I believe the polls system will be good to go.

Procedurally though, I'll note that the Specifications Council needs to publish its collective opinion on a spec proposal to the specs at openid.net list for public consumption before a public vote is taken on the approval of a working group.  I haven't seen any specs council discussion of any of the proposals yet to date.  I'll plan to familiarize myself with them (being on the council) over the next week or so and try to instigate that discussion if it hasn't already been started by another member soon.

                                -- Mike

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Hi folks,

Are we able yet to use the membership system to do voting for the
creation of working groups?

I know we've got a few working group proposals hanging around that could
do with being approved, and I may have an extra one to add to the pile
when we're ready to move with this stuff.

I assume that for this we would use the "Polls" feature of the voting
system. Is that correct?

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