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David Recordon drecordon at sixapart.com
Fri Nov 21 04:31:13 UTC 2008

Hey Mike,
Did you see the edits I sent to this list earlier in the day?


On Nov 20, 2008, at 8:02 PM, Mike Jones wrote:

> Enclosed are drafts of two notes:  an explanatory note we’ll send to general at openid.net 
>  and a shorter note that will be sent to members when the election  
> begins.  Timely feedback is welcome on both.
>                                                                 --  
> Mike
> ====
> To:  general at openid.net
> Subject:  OpenID Board Election
> The OpenID Foundation is holding its first election of community  
> board members starting today.  All members of the OpenID Foundation  
> are eligible to nominate themselves, second the nominations of  
> others who self-nominated, and vote for candidates.  If you’re not  
> already a member of the OpenID Foundation, we encourage you to join  
> at https://openid.net/foundation/members/registration.
> Board participation requires a substantial ongoing investment of  
> time and energy and is a commitment that should not be undertaken  
> lightly.  Rather, should you be elected, expect to be called upon to  
> serve both on the board and on its committees where the work of the  
> foundation is conducted, and to actively contribute.  That being  
> said however, if you’re passionate about OpenID and advancing  
> digital identity, have the time to devote to community service in  
> this manner, and are a person who gets things done and works well  
> with others, we welcome your candidacy for the OpenID board of  
> directors.
> Voting and nominations are conducted using the OpenID you registered  
> when you joined the Foundation.  Login at https://openid.net/foundation/members/with 
>  that OpenID to participate in the election.  You should have also  
> received instructions on how to participate in a separate note from membership at oidf.org 
>  if you’re already a member.  If you experience problems  
> participating in the election or joining the foundation, please send  
> a note to membership at oidf.org.
> Seven community directors are being elected to the board.  The four  
> candidates receiving the most votes will serve 2 year terms and the  
> three candidates receiving the next numbers of votes will serve 1  
> year terms.  (This allows us to institute staggered 2-year terms  
> going forward.)  In order to be eligible for election, your  
> candidacy must have been seconded by at least three other members.
> The election will be conducted on the following schedule:
>                 Nominations open:  Monday, November 24
>                 Nominations close:  Monday, December 8
>                 Election begins:  Wednesday, December 10
>                 Election ends:  Wednesday, December 24
>                 Results announced by:  Wednesday, December 31
>                 New board terms start:  Thursday, January 1
> Thank you for participating in advancing OpenID!
>                                                 -- Mike Jones, for  
> the Elections Committee
> ====
> Hello < member.name >,
> Nominations have opened on the < election.name (i.e. December 2008)  
> > OpenID board member election.  The nominating process will remain  
> open until < election.end_nominations_on (i.e. December 8, 2008) >.
> The page below allows you to nominate yourself or second the  
> nominations other candidates.  Thank you for your participation!
> https://openid.net/foundation/members/elections/< election.id >
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> http://openid.net/foundation/
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