[OpenID board] Membership committee to-do's ...

Scott Kveton scott at kveton.com
Wed Nov 12 20:27:49 UTC 2008

At the Face-to-Face BOD meeting on Monday it was agreed that the
membership committee would reach out to the people that started but
did not complete the membership process on the website.

I'd like to suggest that when sending out the email to those people to
include a list of bullet points that describe what the OIDF has been
up to over the past few months including the progress made this week.

I know Brian Kissel had a great set of bullet points from his
presentation here on Tuesday about all of the activity ... that would
be perfect.  Brian: is that slide deck public anywhere?

I'd hate to send a note to people saying to join the OIDF with little content.

I'm more than happy to pitch in here if needed,

- Scott

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