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Nat, are you charging the same amounts for each level as the OIDF is charging?


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FYI, OpenID Japan's membership profiles are as follows:

5  corporate 1-25
3   corporate 26-100
5   corporate 101-250
7   corporate 251-1,000
13   corporate >1,000

There is no "sustaining" category for OIDF-J.

I have personally categorized the industry of the members: (Note, it is quite arbitrary and difficult because many of them have multiple buisiness lines.)

Certificate Authority: 2
Financial: 5
ISP/Portal: 6
IT: 10
Manufacturing: 2
Marchant: 2
SNS: 1
Telco: 3
Transportation: 1

On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 6:31 AM, Martin Atkins <mart at degeneration.co.uk<mailto:mart at degeneration.co.uk>> wrote:

In preparation for the full board meeting on Monday, I have extracted
the following statistics from a copy of the membership list that Bill
shared with me. Note that this list is dated Oct 6th 2008 so there is
potentially activity from October not captured here.

46 Active Members
263 membership leads that have not completed payment

The remaining data applies only to active members.

Membership Types:
2   students
10  individual
4   non-profit
17  corporate 1-25
5   corporate 26-100
1   corporate 101-250
0   corporate 251-1,000
2   corporate >1,000
5   sustaining

23  United States
5   Japan
3   United Kingdom
3   France
2   Canada
1   India
1   Germany
1   Finland
1   Switzerland
1   Denmark

31 active members have known OpenID identifiers.
All of those members for which we don't have an OpenID identifier have a
known email address apart from two.

I will provide privately to the membership committee a full list of the
263 outstanding membership leads.

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