[OpenID board] Hiring committee plans at IIW ...

Scott Kveton scott at kveton.com
Fri Nov 7 01:10:45 UTC 2008

This week at IIW we'll be interviewing the two finalists for the
Executive Director position.  Each of the candidates is currently in
another position so I have shared their resumes via board-private.
Please review and come prepared with any questions you might have for
the candidates.

Interview times are:

10am - 12noon: First Candidate
12noon - 2pm: Second Candidate

The first hour will be for small groups and the second hour will be
for larger group interviews.  We should make sure to see how the
candidates will respond in a group setting as that will be critical to
their success.  The hiring committee has already spent a great deal of
time interviewing and doing reference checks so I'd like to defer as
much of the time to board members that have *not* met these

Now that we're entering the final phases of this process, Dick and
Mike will be joining the hiring committee to help evaluate and
potentially negotiate a contract with the final candidate.

After the interview of the second candidate, we'll discuss at the
board level briefly and the hiring committee will give its
recommendation to the board on Tuesday (after sleeping on it).  On
Wednesday during the wrap-up board meeting post-IIW the board can
discuss the recommendation and then make its decision.


- Scott

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