[OpenID board] IIW face-to-face Board of Directors meeting - 11/10/2008 @ 1pm ...

Scott Kveton scott at kveton.com
Fri Nov 7 01:10:10 UTC 2008

We'll be holding a face-to-face board meeting at IIW on Monday
11/10/2008 at 1pm.  Room information will be sent out Monday AM.

During the Executive Committee call today we put together an agenda
for the meeting ... there are several items for board members to
review *before* the meeting so please come prepared:

* Membership report - Mart has sent this out to the mailing list,
please review for Monday

* Budget - Dick is preparing a budget for review before Monday ...
this should go out Friday or Saturday.

* Election procedures - Mike sending out a proposal on how the member
election will go ... this should go out Friday or Saturday.
    - We need to decide on timing for the election

* Expanded Corporate board seats
    - Which companies are we going to invite in as corporate board members?
    - With that, who should be the additional community members?
    - The Executive Committee recommendation is BBC/PayPal for
corporate board members and Brian Kissel/Snorri Giorgetti as community

* Discussion of the CRC recommendations - Brian Kissel will present this

This meeting is open to all board and committee members and we're
working on getting a conference bridge for use during the meeting.

In addition, I'll be hosting a session at IIW for members of the
OpenID Foundation to outline our plans for the coming months and ask
questions of the board (most likely on Tuesday) ... please keep an eye
out for that and participate as you have time.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday,

- Scott

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