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On 2008/11/05, at 2:42, David Recordon <drecordon at sixapart.com> wrote:

> If we're in nomination mode, then I'd also like to nominate Snorri  
> to join as a community board member (if he is willing to accept that  
> nomination).  Snorri has done amazing community work internationally  
> which should be directly supported by the Foundation.
> On Nov 4, 2008, at 11:38 AM, Drummond Reed wrote:
>> +1 to all Brian’s points here. I want to clarify again that my obj 
>> ection last week was not to moving forward on this – I am very sup 
>> portive of adding additional corporate board members immediately - 
>> - it was only to the difficulty of closing what turned out to be a 
>>  contentious issue via an email vote.
>> I am all for holding a vote this week if we want to call a meeting.  
>> Worst case we could hold the vote at the BOD meeting next Monday  
>> afternoon at IIW. (Have we set an exact time/location for that  
>> meeting? Will there be dial-in so all board members can participate  
>> if they are not at IIW in person?)
>> Also, in terms of community board members, I would like to nominate  
>> Brian Kissel to join as a community board member (if he is willing  
>> to accept that nomination). I’d move for that vote to be held at t 
>> he same time so he could join the board at the same time as the ne 
>> w corporate board members.
>> =Drummond
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>> Subject: Re: [OpenID board] URGENT: New Board members motion
>> +1 with Dick on additional corporate members.  I’ve had conversati 
>> ons with BBC (Zac Bjelogrlic, Dirk-willem Van.gulik ) and PayPal ( 
>> Andrew Nash) and know that both organizations would both like to j 
>> oin.  I don’t know who else in on the list of possible new members 
>> , but if we have up to 5 corporate spots to fill and these two fir 
>> ms are willing to make a commitment of time and dollars, I think w 
>> e should not delay.
>> BBC has already shown their leadership by hosting the Content  
>> Provider Advisory Committee meeting in NYC several weeks ago.  The 
>> y’ve also OpenID enabled RadioPop and are looking at additional pr 
>> operties to roll out.  They’ve offered to work with NPR (who was a 
>> lso at the NYC session) to see if we can get BBC, NPR, PBS, and CB 
>> C to collaborate on OpenID enablement initiatives.  And in any cas 
>> e, we need some large representative RPs on the BOD.  As I’ve said 
>>  before, I think media companies are a next logical adopter of Ope 
>> nID, so would welcome BBC’s membership.
>> PayPal would also be great because they have a lot of experience in  
>> managing phishing and general security infrastructure and represent  
>> the perspective of merchants and payment infrastructure providers,  
>> which we need represented on the BOD if we want to continue to  
>> expand the applicability and value of OpenID beyond user generated  
>> content access.
>> I don’t know if these are the companies we’re thinking about  
>> voting on near term, but if so, I would strongly endorse their mem 
>> bership.  I also agree with Dick that getting the funding commitme 
>> nt from these two companies in uncertain financial times is critic 
>> al and will actually help with hiring the new ED and coming up wit 
>> h a reasonable budget for the various initiatives we’ll want to un 
>> dertake in 2009.  For those that didn’t see Nat Sakimura’s  
>> announcement about OpenID Japan, they are making great progress an 
>> d we need to have equally compelling aspirations.
>> With respect to community membership, JanRain would certainly  
>> welcome the opportunity to contribute as a BOD member, but we’ll c 
>> ontinue to participate via my membership on the Marketing and Cust 
>> omer Research Committee regardless.
>> We are working with Research Media to get the OpenID membership  
>> polling solution working this week and the BOD election system  
>> working next week.   Regardless of that, I don’t think we should w 
>> ait on the BOD vote the two additional corporate members.
>> There is a lot of good buzz going on right now with the Microsoft  
>> and Google announcements.  If we could also announce these two new  
>> corporate BOD members at IIW, that we can continue to build on that  
>> momentum.
>> So, IMHO, we should do the vote on the 2 additional corporate  
>> sponsors right now (assuming they are still willing) and finalize  
>> them this week.  If we want to wait on community members, that’s f 
>> ine with me.
>> Cheers,
>> Brian
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