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Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
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+1 to all Brian's points here. I want to clarify again that my objection
last week was not to moving forward on this - I am very supportive of adding
additional corporate board members immediately -- it was only to the
difficulty of closing what turned out to be a contentious issue via an email


I am all for holding a vote this week if we want to call a meeting. Worst
case we could hold the vote at the BOD meeting next Monday afternoon at IIW.
(Have we set an exact time/location for that meeting? Will there be dial-in
so all board members can participate if they are not at IIW in person?)


Also, in terms of community board members, I would like to nominate Brian
Kissel to join as a community board member (if he is willing to accept that
nomination). I'd move for that vote to be held at the same time so he could
join the board at the same time as the new corporate board members.





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+1 with Dick on additional corporate members.  I've had conversations with
BBC (Zac Bjelogrlic, Dirk-willem Van.gulik ) and PayPal (Andrew Nash) and
know that both organizations would both like to join.  I don't know who else
in on the list of possible new members, but if we have up to 5 corporate
spots to fill and these two firms are willing to make a commitment of time
and dollars, I think we should not delay.  


BBC has already shown their leadership by hosting the Content Provider
Advisory Committee meeting in NYC several weeks ago.  They've also OpenID
enabled RadioPop and are looking at additional properties to roll out.
They've offered to work with NPR (who was also at the NYC session) to see if
we can get BBC, NPR, PBS, and CBC to collaborate on OpenID enablement
initiatives.  And in any case, we need some large representative RPs on the
BOD.  As I've said before, I think media companies are a next logical
adopter of OpenID, so would welcome BBC's membership.  


PayPal would also be great because they have a lot of experience in managing
phishing and general security infrastructure and represent the perspective
of merchants and payment infrastructure providers, which we need represented
on the BOD if we want to continue to expand the applicability and value of
OpenID beyond user generated content access.


I don't know if these are the companies we're thinking about voting on near
term, but if so, I would strongly endorse their membership.  I also agree
with Dick that getting the funding commitment from these two companies in
uncertain financial times is critical and will actually help with hiring the
new ED and coming up with a reasonable budget for the various initiatives
we'll want to undertake in 2009.  For those that didn't see Nat Sakimura's
announcement about OpenID
/>  Japan, they are making great progress and we need to have equally
compelling aspirations.


With respect to community membership, JanRain would certainly welcome the
opportunity to contribute as a BOD member, but we'll continue to participate
via my membership on the Marketing and Customer Research Committee

We are working with Research Media to get the OpenID membership polling
solution working this week and the BOD election system working next week.
Regardless of that, I don't think we should wait on the BOD vote the two
additional corporate members.


There is a lot of good buzz going on right now with the Microsoft and Google
announcements.  If we could also announce these two new corporate BOD
members at IIW, that we can continue to build on that momentum.


So, IMHO, we should do the vote on the 2 additional corporate sponsors right
now (assuming they are still willing) and finalize them this week.  If we
want to wait on community members, that's fine with me.





Brian Kissel

Cell: 503.866.4424

Fax: 503.296.5502


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I don't see any advantage to the coupling of hiring an ED and bringing on
new board members. Any ED is going to look at the risk of getting paid.
Bringing in money before hand is a good sign. In the current economic
climate, making a donation to a Foundation is going to come under increased


The bylaws allow the board to appoint temporary community board members as
need be -- something we would want to do in case someone needs to resign for
some reason.


Only bringing on corporate members one at elections does not serve us well.
We have a product, which is membership, and we should remove barriers to
selling it rather then raising it -- and requiring the timing to coincide
with an election does not serve anyone well -- except those that want to
make board membership exclusive.


We have been working on having elections since last March.


As noted in my financial report, not bringing these corporate members on
board was a bad financial decision.


-- Dick


On 24-Oct-08, at 6:49 PM, DeWitt Clinton wrote:


Sort of.  I think we should have finished the discussion about how to
proceed with a full five new corporate board members, timed that around the
hiring of the new ED, and ideally scheduled all of it around the election of
new community members.  With those three pieces in place we then could make
a coordinated engagement on all three.  Four pieces, in fact, as we can
count the CRC in there as well.

I share your frustration, Dick, and I agree that sometimes a vote makes a
good forcing function.  It's taken far too long to get where we are, and I
happen to concur that those were fine nominees.  And I especially welcome
Brian's continued leadership in any case.

Hopefully this is the kick in the pants we need to close in expediently on
the missing pieces.  And then I'd welcome seeing this come up for a vote
again in the near future.



On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 5:33 PM, Dick Hardt <dick.hardt at gmail.com> wrote:

Do you have a suggestion on how this should have been done differently by


I made the motion on the board call and agreed to withdraw it until after
the membership committee report was published, and then we could do the vote
over email. Agreed that the vote should have been started on the public list
-- but we are here now.


Do you have a new motion to bring the nominees on the board that you would
support that we could act upon?


-- Dick



On 24-Oct-08, at 5:17 PM, DeWitt Clinton wrote:


This is not a vote against any of the nominees, but procedurally and
organizationally we can do better than this.  Hence to the motion as it
stands at this time:



On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 1:03 PM, Raj Mata <rajmata at yahoo-inc.com> wrote:


Agree with Gary.


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As we are actively in the process of recruiting for a Executive Director
which my understanding is should complete shortly coupled; with the
manner in which this vote has been requested/handled is a clear
indication to me that adding any additional members at this time would
not be prudent.


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Importance: High

(this motion was originally posted on the board-private list to
protect the confidentiality of the potential corporate board members
-- reposting to public list to provide transparency to community)


There are two corporations that have expressed interest in joining the
OpenID Foundation for the last six months. The board approved adding 5
new corporate board seats, to be balanced with community seats so that
the community seats have a majority.
Brian Kissel has been active on the marketing committee and the
customer research committee. He organized a gathering of content
providers in NY that led to the OpoenID UX summit last Monday.
The primary source of funding for the Foundation is corporate board
seats. In order to fund a new Executive Director and OpenID adoption
initiatives, we need more funding. The patience of the two
corporations is running thin as they have been waiting for far to long
for a decision from the board.

The motion: Add the two corporate board seats and add Brian Kissel as
the community seat. Brian's seat (like all other community board
seats) would be up for re-election when we hold an election.

All board members need to vote or abstain for the motion to be

Votes to date:

+1 Dick Hardt (made motion)
+1 Martin Atkins (seconded motion)
-1 David Recordon
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