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Snorri snorri at snorri.eu
Thu May 29 23:28:33 UTC 2008

Dear OpenID Community Members:


Before I begin this email, let me thank the team, and the whole OpenID
Europe Community; everyone has been hard at work for 1.5 years now, and all
that good work has yielded major advances for OpenID in all the corners of


Of course, our OIDE Foundation is still wet behind the ears, and we must
continue to grow it wisely-with YOUR help, and the help of all the
individuals, businesses and corporations who will join us. I have traced a
path for OpenID in Europe, for I know that the best is yet to come. "Bravo"
to all of you, and my heartfelt thanks for the efforts and time each one of
you has devoted to OpenID.


To give you an example of what I am talking about, I received this morning a
request from students in Macedonia (a country located to the North of
Greece), highly motivated to develop an OpenID Community. These people are
living proof that there are competent and passionate people who propel
OpenID, wishing to make it a reality in Europe, and all over the world.


Speaking of the which, and to answer the pressing requests from Anh and
Ishvar-who have floated a few months ago the idea of re-creating in Asia
what we did in Europe by creating an Asian Community/Foundation on
www.openidasia.org --asking me to become their advisor for this project...


Although I am plenty busy working for OpenID in Europe, I have gladly
accepted their offer. I will immediately assist in the implementation of
that organization, in which I personally strongly believe, with the utmost
respect for Asia's specific needs. I will need someone to assist me in the
daily operation of OpenID Europe while I am working on the OpenID.asia
Project. If you feel up to the task of helping in handling the day-to-day
European operations and promotional efforts, -do not hesitate to contact us
if you think you are this person at openid at openideurope.eu or/and
eu at openid.net 


I am not letting any moss grow on my feet. We have already assured that the
OpenID domain name under that brand new TLD .asia
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.asia>  is firmly owned and reserved. I will
devote that domain name (www.OpenID.asia) to that great project, provided it
preserves the spirit of the Foundation and the Community, and is not simply
be used to become an OP (and in doing so, avoiding the pitfalls that befell
OpenID.org or OpenID.eu).


If you are interested in joining "Project OpenID.asia," and are ready to
make the necessary efforts to organize a large OpenID Community in Asia, in
all the necessary Asiatic languages. please contact me directly in the next
few weeks (snorri at snorri.eu).


Best regards to all,






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