[OpenID board] Marketing CMP report

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Thu May 22 16:45:54 UTC 2008

fellow board members:

Reviewing the material that Beale gleaned from the interviews, the  
focus has been on what do we need to do to get adoption of OpenID  
today and what are the barriers to adoption. The messaging they came  
back with was assuming that OpenID is ready for mainstream adoption,  
we just need to correctly message about it.

We need to decide if we are focused on:
	 (1) getting adoption of the current technology, or
	 (2) getting people together to solve the broader internet identity  
problems using the current technology as a starting point.

If the first one, then we can have the following messaging:

- Leadership
	using OpenID shows the world you are forward thinking
- Efficiency
	using OpenID will save you money
- Growth
	using OpenID will get you more users

If the second, we can have the following messaging:

- Leadership
	participating in the Foundation shows the world you are part of the  
solution for solving internet identity
- Efficiency
	participating in the Foundation unites  your efforts with others
- Growth
	participating in the Foundation will provide you with identity  
solutions that allow you to grow your business

NOTE: I made up these phrases on the fly to indicate the tone -- let's  
not spend time discussing if they are the right words!

Personally, I am aligned with (2) and with the following items from  
the Internet Identity Workshop page [1]


User-centric identity is the ability:

     * To use one's identifier(s) on more then one site
     * To control who sees what information about you
     * To selectively share presence and profile information
     * To maintain multiple identities and personas in the contexts  
you wish
     * To aggregate attention, navigation, and purchase history from  
the sites and communities you frequent
     * To move and share your personal data, relationships, documents,  
and other publications as you wish

[1] http://iiw.idcommons.net/index.php/Iiw2008a

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