[OpenID board] Creating the OpenID specifications council

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Thu May 15 15:35:58 UTC 2008

Hey Guys, did you make a decision?  We need to have the members of the  
spec council so that we can review the PAPE proposal.

-- Dick

On 10-May-08, at 10:23 AM, Mike Jones wrote:

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> Subject: RE: Creating the OpenID specifications council
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> Hi guys,
> The specifications council needs to work on its report *today* since  
> it is due by tomorrow.  Please let us know who the other 5 members  
> are ASAP so we can start working on this.
> Thanks,
>                                                                 --  
> Mike
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> Subject: Re: [OpenID board] Creating the OpenID specifications council
> Dear Josh, Johnny, and David,
> We need you to choose 5 specifications council members in addition  
> to Dick and myself.  This is a reminder to talk among yourselves and  
> report back to the board soon.  The council will have to make a  
> recommendation on the proposal to create the PAPE working group by  
> May 10th at the latest, and hopefully before that.  Therefore, it’s  
> important that the council be formed soon.
> Thank you,
>                                                                 --  
> Mike
> From: Mike Jones
> Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 5:42 PM
> To: Josh Hoyt; Johnny Bufu; David Recordon
> Cc: Dick Hardt; board at openid.net
> Subject: Creating the OpenID specifications council
> Hi Josh, Johnny, and David,
> The OpenID Foundation process for creating specifications calls for  
> a Specifications Council to review proposed working groups.  At  
> least one working group is about to be proposed and so we need to  
> create the specifications council.  The process document (at http://openid.net/ipr/) 
>  states about creation of the specifications council:
> 1.8 “Specifications Council” means a group comprised of: (a) two  
> representatives selected by the Board; and (b) five representatives  
> selected by the Eligible Editors.  The Board may select from among  
> the current Board members (or other appropriate persons, as  
> determined by the Board), and the Eligible Editors may select from  
> among themselves (or other appropriate persons, as the Eligible  
> Editors determine).
> 2 Specifications Council.  The initial Specifications Council, as of  
> the date these Processes are adopted, will be comprised of two  
> persons selected by the Board and five persons selected by the then- 
> current OpenID Authentication 2.0 Specification Editors.  The  
> members of the Specifications Council will serve for two year terms  
> (although one of the initial members selected by the Board and two  
> of the initial members selected by the Editors of the OpenID  
> Authentication 2.0 Specification will serve for only a one year term  
> – as selected by consensus of the Specifications Council – so that  
> Specifications Council membership terms may be staggered).  There  
> are no “term limits” for Specifications Council membership, and the  
> Board or Eligible Editors, as applicable, may re-select the same  
> persons to serve for more than one term (consecutive or otherwise).
> Today the board chose Dick Hardt and myself as the board’s two  
> representatives.  As the “then-current OpenID Authentication 2.0  
> Specification Editors” I’m writing to ask you to select five  
> additional persons who you believe would be appropriate experts to  
> review and provide feedback on proposed OpenID working groups.   
> Three of those persons may be yourselves if you so choose.
> Can you please discuss this matter among yourselves and then report  
> back to the board soon on your choices for the specifications  
> council members?
> This is occurring now because I am about to propose the creation of  
> a working group to complete the PAPE specification.  Once the  
> proposal is submitted, the specifications council’s job is:
> 4.2 Review.  The Specifications Council will review each proposal  
> within 15 days after receipt and promptly provide notice tospecs at openid.net 
>  of its recommendation to either accept or reject it, together with  
> a brief statement of the rationale for its recommendation (including  
> any findings or opinions by the Specifications Council regarding the  
> criteria for rejection in the following clauses (a)-(d).  The  
> decision to accept or reject the proposal will then promptly be  
> submitted to a vote of the OIDF membership, in accordance with the  
> voting procedures in §3.  If a proposal is rejected, it may be  
> modified and resubmitted.  The reasons for rejection will be limited  
> to:
> (a)      an incomplete Proposal (i.e., failure to comply with §4.1);
> (b)      a determination that the proposal contravenes the OpenID  
> community’s purpose;
> (c)       a determination that the proposed WG does not have  
> sufficient support to succeed or to deliver proposed deliverables  
> within projected completion dates; or
> (d)      a  determination that the proposal is likely to cause legal  
> liability for the OIDF or others.
> Thanks a lot!
>                                                                 --  
> Mike

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