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Other boards I'm on achieve forward progress by trusting their committees to do good work and approving their recommendations unless there is clear evidence that their recommendations are flawed.  There being no evidence brought forward on the call that this was the case, as I see it, the board acted appropriately by endorsing the committee's recommendation after its report.  (You seem to have agreed in this case on the call, as you voted in favor as well.)

It's obviously appropriate for board members to request that decisions be deferred until more data is obtained and then it's up to the board whether to do so or not on a case-by-case basis.  Supporting Johannes' main point, yes, if the board decides that continued discussion is needed after a committee report, then one week should normally be sufficient.

Anyway, that's the way I see it from my other board experiences.  Your opinions may vary. :-)

Looking forward to seeing many of you soon at IIW!

                                -- Mike

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To pick up the discussion on how rapidly votes could or should be called after it is clear what the issue is to be voted on ...

Tony made the point today that for certain votes, some board members may need/want to obtain advice from legal counsel, which requires a bit of time

It was my point earlier that some issues require some thinking by the members before they should vote, and also the ability to have one-on- one conversations to inform one's vote -- among board members but also outside. Come to think of it, board members should have the time on substantive issues to ask a question on a mailing list, and listen to what members say, before deciding how to vote. It's the equivalent of doing an opinion poll in one's district before voting in Congress ;-) to make sure the constituents are adequately heard.

Would one week be sufficient for these kinds of purposes?



Johannes Ernst
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