[OpenID board] Might Miss the Call

David Recordon drecordon at sixapart.com
Thu May 8 08:30:53 UTC 2008

Hi all,
I'm currently in Dublin and was planning on making the call via Skype  
though the hotel internet access is quite shoddy.  I'll try to call  
in, but if I don't make it here are my thoughts given the agenda.

* General business (minutes approved, finance update)
+1 to approving the last set of minutes

* Local chapters policy review and vote - Mike Jones
It sounds like great progress has been made in the latest draft of the  
policy, though given the current discussion it doesn't feel like we're  
quite there yet.  The two outstanding issues seem to be how to deal  
with "national chapters" and the wording around IP in terms of if we  
can allow Creative Commons licensing to make things simpler.  I am not  
in support of approving the current local chapters policy and then  
later writing a national chapters policy.  Instead I think that we  
should have the local chapters policy address local/national chapters  
so that we have one fewer policy.  As it stands I am -1 for approving  
the current local chapters policy.

* Member election logistics for PAPE working group - Mike Jones
Not quite sure what this means, if someone is able to clarify before  
the meeting I'll give my thoughts. :)

* Report from specifications council - ?
Johnny Bufu and I have reached consensus around the five editor  
appointed people for the specs council.  We're still waiting to hear  
back from Josh.  I pinged him about it yesterday and will do so again  
today.  I'm hopeful that we can be done with the council by our  
meeting Monday though we still need to ask the five people if they're  
willing to be on it.

* Amended bylaws
I was on the call last week along with Bill, Mike, Dave, and David  
around amending the bylaws.  I believe there is now a new draft of  
them which I am -1 for approving.  I am not convinced that a forever  
growing board with a small executive committee is the right structure  
for the Foundation.  I'm hoping that we'll be discussing this next  
Monday during the F2F.


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