[OpenID board] OSIS OpenID interop testing

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Mar 27 18:43:16 UTC 2008

Here's a link to the OpenID Interop results that I mentioned on the call:  http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/I3:Cross_Solution_OpenID_Identity_Provider_x_Relying_Party_Results (yes many parties still need to do their testing).   The OpenID Providers participating are at http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/Category:I3_OpenID_Identity_Provider and the OpenID relying parties are at http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/Category:I3_OpenID_Relying_Party.

The main Interop page is http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/I3_User-Centric_Identity_Interop_through_RSA_2008 and the overall OSIS page is at http://osis.idcommons.net/.

All are welcome to participate.

                                                                -- Mike

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