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Jaco Aizenman skorpio at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 03:22:52 UTC 2008

I am working with a group of people to consolidate and create OpenID Latin
America, and that´s why I am traveling to Mexico this Saturday and will stay
there for 10 days (I am also traveling to promote the services of my company
International Financial Asset Registry).

If anyone has a contact in Mexico interested to become a founding member of
OpenID Latin America, please tell them to contact me to =jaco , so I can
personally meet them. Please also let them contact me if they are in any
Latin America country, even if I can not meet them in person.

Thanks in advance for any help of any person or company to help me develop
OpenID Latin America.

Best regards,

Jaco Aizenman L.
My iname is =jaco (http://xri.net/=jaco)
XDI Board member - www.xdi.org
Tel/Voicemail: 506-3461570
Costa Rica

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