[OpenID board] Topic for this week's agenda

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Mon Mar 10 18:41:04 UTC 2008

Drummond Reed wrote:
> Scott and Bill:
> Per the thread below, the question of when we will be opening up new Working
> Groups for specifications is starting to come up. I'm not saying there is a
> compelling reason to do that yet for any spec other than PAPE (and the
> Trusted Exchange spec that Nat Sakimura and his team have suggested), but I
> do think that OIDF needs to take a public stance about:
> a) The status of current WGs (to my knowledge it's not published anywhere
> what WGs exist or are planned)
> b) The process for community members to form a WG.
> Can we put a short discussion about this on this week's agenda?

It was my understanding that the blocker for this is that we have no 
voting system through which we can hold a vote for the creation of a WG.

Obviously that is in hand per our discussions at the last meeting. 
However, I guess we could discuss an interim plan to get the first few 
WGs up and running quickly. It'd be nice if these could be up and 
running by IIW so that the WGs can potentially present to the community 
what they've been up to.

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