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Hi Chris--

Congratulations on what you've been doing.  It sounds very good.  It would be very good to learn more about what has been happening.

Yes, by all means it is possible for you to help establish a local chapter in the Netherlands.  We are aiming to create a global and inclusive organization with high levels of participation and activity far and wide, of course.  We are strongly aligned with OpenID Europe and aiming to become even more so in the coming months.


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Just read the post about local chapters. I have been working on OpenID  
in the Netherlands for quite some time now (almost a year). I have  
founded a small Dutch OpenID foundation to help promote OpenID over  
here. It is working really great. We have had a lot o press attention:  
national radio, magazine, blogs.

Is it possible for us to become a local chapter? We are already part  
of the OpenID Europe Group.


Chris Obdam
OpenID Holland
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