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Sat Mar 8 17:53:19 UTC 2008

Dear Mark,


1 = +1 = now done!

2 = Personally as you know I don’t agree/understand this concept complicated
of the “licensing”

The goal of the TM Protection/Policy is not to make money!! But to
strengthen the mission statement of the foundation in the interest of the




De : Mark Cross [mailto:2008 at thirdvisit.co.uk] 
Envoyé : samedi 8 mars 2008 18:34
À : bill at oidf.org
Cc : board at openid.net; Snorri Giorgetti
Objet : Trademarks: Problems with derivative Marks


Dear Bill,

Sorry for not writing sooner, I had to attend a family funeral this week and
have been Net less.

With regards to our conversation two Fridays back my illustration is as

As a Trademark holder - by accident because I needed to protect the domain,
I do see a lot of problems with derivative Marks.

1.	The brand needs to be protected
2.	How should the revenue for licensing be distributed - if a holder
wishes to?


Having got the Trademark I decided that given that absolutely no provincial
(local) Angel Investment network understands OpenID, I might as well
register a derivative mark to raise money through certification, to fund
both myself and further OpenID in the UK.

Whilst as I the own the Mark I have no qualms about doings this, but I do
have an ethical dilemma that  profit should be further split between, Brad,
Randy and the OpenID Foundation US/Europe/UK.


Would the board like to offer any advice on this to me as an individual, and
or suggest ideas that could be promoted to the other holders?

Cheers Mark

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