[OpenID board] OpenID Switzerland Officially Registered

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Fri Jun 20 03:18:36 UTC 2008

Congratulations and welcome!

The chapter is now in the official list at http://openid.net/foundation/chapters/.

                                Best regards,
                                -- Mike

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Dear OIDF Board,

After 3 months of work with David and Snorri, I have the honor to
that the Association "OpenID Schweiz" is now officially registered
in Switzerland (Swiss Registration Number: CH-

We agree to the OIDF Local Chapters Policy.

Please find below the registration information for Swiss Chapter:

a) The organizers of the chapter are Robert OTT, David REINDL and Snorri

b) The URL of the Association is http://www.openid.ch (and here:

c) The country is the Switzerland

d) The official name of our Chapter is "OpenID Schweiz" (=OpenID

More information about the address and contact here:

Official documents of Registration:

We thank you to list our Chapter on


Robert OTT
OpenID Switzerland

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